Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Crappy": It's More Adjective Than Euphemism

In its continuing efforts to get me to stay inside it, my apartment is apparently resorting to demonic conjuring and precision-targeted posession. That is really the only explanation for my current state -- while I was sleeping the other night, the apartment drew a pentagram over its floor, summoned a violent, fire-belching demon and ordered it to occupy my stomach, upside-down.

Or, the Korean place up the road is due for a visit from either Public Health or Homeland Security. Jesus.

In this clip from a Japanese tv show, a man straps several large bottles full of water and compressed air to his back and rockets himself out over a lake. Every last one of those people in Japan is out of their minds, I tell you.

Not only is the video cool and hilarous, but it may serve as a rough analogy to my current state.


At 2:29 PM, Blogger Fair Rosalind said...

I love the way that little guy squats with his arms in Superman position ... there's nothing like the illusion of having control over your own stupidity.


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