Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wolfmother Is the New Zeppelin

Wolfmother Poster
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Mark my words, people: these guys are serious.

Australia has a pretty nice cultural tradition going for itself in that it produces bands that are never terrifically innovative, but do what they fuck they do better than anyone else on earth. Wolfmother fits squarely within that tradition.

Think about it: AC/DC -- straight ahead balls-out rock. INXS, same deal, but cokier. Now Wolfmother, the sonic fusion of Zeppelin, Trail of the Dead, and every picture your friend's older brother ever drew on the cover of his math book.

I hear Wolfmother and I think of springtime in Norfolk, rolling out to the Boathouse in my man Phil's crappy Chevy Manza. I think of skipping school to smoke dope on the way to the beach and summoning up the nerve to crash the preppy crowd's parties and talk to the girl in my math class. Given my prowess at the time, I would have asked about the killer test that week, but you know, baby steps.

These guys are like Sabbath and the lone shred of hippies that are still cool all rolled up into one psychedelic thundering explosion. They played South By Southwest, a few club show here and there...

If anyone's gonna bring the magic of hesher stadium rock back to America, it's gonna be these manic Aussies. Mark my words, it's not going to be long before you start seeing Wolfmother tattoos. On people's FACES.

Here's an incredible video, and the making of said video, with a little interview...

Additionally, you can download their entire album here, but it's gone after 6 days or 25 downloads.


At 8:00 PM, Blogger Nics said...

The first time I heard their song 'Dimension' played on the radio I loved it. There was some guest on the radioshow at the time and they summed it up for me, "Wow, you could hear the hair!"


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