Tuesday, August 31, 2004


It seems that Jessica is okay for now, or at least as okay as one with viral meningitis is going to be.

She didn't have the rash on the spine that suggests the bacterial kind, which will fuck you up like a hurricane. Apparently she'll just be laid out for ten days or so with a stinker of a headache. My mom is there, pushing fluids on her every hour.

She forwarded me this email that her friend sent her...it cracked me up.


So you know how we have to rehash every situation, So...I had to
email you because you are still unconscious! I don't want to
forget any of the details!

Can we say DRUG SEEKER! Your records are like permanantly coded DS! You won't be able to go into any ER and ask for more Percocet!

We got to the ER, and do you remember asking the tech, "How long
have you worked here?" before he drew blood! He was like, "6 years"
and then you asked, "what time did you get here today, are just
coming on?" Jess what is that? You were so out it before the

OH, and Felicia was your new BFF cuz she had the drugs. She would
look up and smile when you said some crazy shit! Jess you are the
only person, who has thrown up 23 (no 24 times in the past 24 hours)
AND still has to be a smart ASS! :-) Gotta love ya!

Then when Dr. Ott came in to do the spinal tap, You were like, "Dr.
OTtttttt(speech was slightly slurrrreedd at this point) Dr. OTTT, I
am really nerrrrvvous about this, how long have you been a doctor?"

But hey, do you even remember the spinal tap? You were doped up!
Then every time the nurses would same somehting to each other about
another patient, you kept thinking it was about you. So when
Felicia said, "she's needed in triage" You flipped up and yelled,
"WHAT'S TRIAGE!" Jess right about now I am sitting at my computer
laughing with tears in my eyes!

Then when the other nurse is checking you out to release you, your
BP was low, so she wanted to make sure that you could stand up. So
she asked you to stand up, and you were standing there swaying back
and forth. She kept talking to you, and you said, "CAN I SIT DOWN
YET?" Then you fell back into the bed with you feet on the floor!
Then the nurse was talking to your mom. She said, she may begin to
feel tired and drowsy....and all three of us looked down at you
laying in the bed with your clothes half on you, one leg hanging off
the bed, your hair was like cousin IT, and you were snoring! Jess,
you are KILLING IT!

Then...we are in the Kroger parking lot, and your mom was getting
your perscriptions. You were sound asleep in the car. All of a
sudden you perk up, look at me, and hollered, "DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE
FAX MACHINE IS?" That topped that night!

For real, I hope you start feeling better! I called and let Pam know
you wouldn't be there Monday most likely. I told her I wasn't sure
when you'd be conscious to call her!
Rest up,


It's so amazing to me, how things turn out better when they seem so scary at the time. I get perversely nervous when something awful turns out to not be such a big deal...like my time is coming and it's just going to be that much worse. Is this normal?


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