Friday, October 29, 2004

Halloween Excitement

Say what you will about America being overconsumptive and materials-obsessed...but American Halloween kicks ass.

Here's the exciting events in DC and VA this weekend.

Tonight is Zombie Prom, a house party that has a cool idea, cool flyer if nothing else. Scroll down a bit to see the flyer. I think it is actually at this bloggers' house. Show up and tell 'em I sent you.

The Cremaster Cycle is making a rare appearance in Richmond this weekend. My friend Alison and I will be leaving DC at 6 am on Saturday, driving to Richmond, watching the series, coming back, partying at tnight, then heading BACK to Richmond for the rest on Sunday. Any of you wanna join us, buy tickets here.

Sunday night, there's trick-or-treating on Embassy Row. I hear the Russian Embassy gives out vodka shots and Belgium hands out some slamming chocolate. For real.

Anything else cool happening this weekend, let it be known.


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