Thursday, November 11, 2004

Link Cluster

Just this afternoon, I've gotten a fairly interesting cluster of links...

My friend Laurel sent me this, a collection of exceptionally insane ads on Japanese television, starring California's second-favorite governor.

Johnny Dungaree represents the 757 (southern VA area code) out in Los Angeles, and let this one trickle towards me. It's flying around the 'net like a bee in a sports car, so even if you don't read it now someone's bound to forward it to you...painfully relevant if you're from the South like me, Laurel, and Johnny.

Juat the fact that these comics got printed is testament to America's obsession with...something.


At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Jeff, it's Lora T. I don't have a blogger account, and don't feel like getting one, so I have to publish this comment as "Anonymous."

That Fuck the South thing? Come ON, when did OHIO move below the Mason Dixon line? We're not all hicks with guns down here, and I happen to know from personal experience that there are some backward, racist dipshits in New Hampshire, among other places. The south doesn't have a corner on the right-to-bear-arms, anti-abortion, fundamentalist-church-going market.

And it's truly embarrassing to have to point out that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, author of the Declaration of Independence and the "Father of the Constitution," were both Virginians, as was the president of the Constitutional Congress, one George Washington. The northeast doesn't have sole claim to the founding of the United States. Sheesh, didn't the author of "Fuck the South" pay attention in government class?

That person obviously didn't pay attention to the presidential election results by state, either, or s/he'd have written "Fuck the south, the midwest, and a lot of the far west as well."

Are pieces like that supposed to convince conservatives of the error of their ways? Because it seems to me that as long as reactionaries on both sides are allowed to spew venom like that, we're never going to get anywhere. What ever happened to courtesy? What ever happened to respecting other people's opinions and trying to convince them through discussion that there are other ways to do things?



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