Friday, December 17, 2004

The Best Thing About Being Moody Is That The TINIEST Thing Puts You On Top Of The World

This morning when I went to leave for work (late), I could not find my gloves. More tantalizingly, I could only find ONE glove. That's even more infuriating than no gloves at all because that one glove just lies there on the floor, teasing you.

So I put a pair of clean white gym socks on my hands for the ride to work. It was so cold on my hairless head and face that I could not help but make faces and go "ooOooo YOOW, AAaagh, that is the SHIT right there," as I sped downhill, making the rest of square square DC turn away from me in case I asked them "could I get a dollar to ride the metro," even though I clearly have a bike.

At work, I discovered that the smoothie I made exploded in my bag during the ride, soaking two checkbooks, the works of Hunter S. Thompson and Flannery O'Connor and my gym pants in an artificially flavored easily digestible high-protein goo. I've just spent a half an hour in the work kitchen methodically hand-washing my gym pants and messenger bag, growling at anyone who even steps close to a sponge.

But you know whose artwork totally turned my frown upside down? That's right, you guessed it...this guy's:


Brandon Bird does incredible, mythic paintings featuring pop cultural icons. And not just your run-of-the-mill icons either. Faded icons whose days are done, the sort of 80's heroes you see on old reruns when you're sick and think "man, I hope they invested wisely." Bird wrings every last bit of maudlin emotion out of his subjects, like a frustrated grade-school drama teacher whose real dream was to direct operas. It works perfectly...

You can order posters and t-shirts directly from his website, or from a store at CafePress...christ, this is great stuff.

Now I'm grooving to Stereolab, smiling like I don't even care. In about 20 minutes I think I'll hit some pedestrians up for some change.


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