Thursday, January 26, 2006

You Can't Have 'Blogs' Without 'Logs'

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As I am gently bringing this blog out of cryogenic hibernation, I'm really beginning to take a look at the blogosphere at large, with special attention focused on the D.C. blogging scene. Blogs are everywhere in this town and the world at large -- everyone's got such a robust blogroll, they're quoted in the news, on TV, everywhere.

I work for a super-huge new media company, and my God, it's all we talk about, blogs and blogging. Everyone has a blog. The popular ones aren't even necessarily that good ... they're just regular as hell. Among a particular demographic, blogging has become an excretory function.

Think about it.

We are toddlers fascinated with the funkiest, most primal act of creation. "Look, world," we shout excitedly, "look what we made, all by ourselves! And we even found a place for it!"

Some posts are loose, messy rambling things that stink to high heaven. Others are tight, compact and terse, revealing a high-fiber diet and a real understanding of grammar. Sometimes I've got to clench real hard just to get a half-decent post out, and sometimes nothing comes for days on end.

When I don't write I feel all thick, listless, and poisoned. Ultimately, in an era where media washes over through us like tachyons or dark matter traveling in time, it's all we can do to say "I like this and dislike that for these reasons," in a public forum, asserting to the world that we are who we are and we stand for some serious shit.

It doesn't matter that you hunker down and push out a big fat blog every day, just the same as me, that you, too like Lost and we both hate the Dave Matthews Band. No matter what you read or how much you write, the corn in this piece of shit is gonna cut a different constellation, and one day that constellation's going to take the shape of an oracle that can see the fucking future.


At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Love always, said...

Instead of burdening friends and family with their problems, I feel people use blogs as a way to get things off their chests or maybe a way to release stress, in some sort of anonymous fashion. So what if things are spelled wrong and it isn't entertaining? Blogs are "online diaries" for people and not always written for people to read them and perhaps praise them for their wonderful content and creativity. Don't read if it it sucks!


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