Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Two Times You Skip a Prostate Exam

It stands to reason, I guess, that before The Doctor officially became The Doctor, he had to be a doctor-in-training. While in med school, he worked a stint at the VA hospital. Since this was before America began creating thousands of new veterans, his patients were overwhelmingly male aging baby boomers -- just the right age for prostate problems.

Med students were to run the standard intake procedure for each patient: blood work, take temperature, then pull the glove on and run every guy's favorite -- the good old fashioned "turn your head and cough."

The Doctor had been skimping on the prostate portion of the procedure, for obvious aesthetic reasons. He got found out by his attending REAL quick, too.

As soon as the attending found out about The Doctor's digital delinquency, he hauled him into the hallway in front of his entire class, many of whom had picked up the habit.

"Son, let me clear something up for you," the attending said. "There's only two times you don't do a prostate on a patient: if the patient doesn't have an asshole, or you don't have a finger."


At 12:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh, that was funny! ;)


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