Sunday, October 22, 2006

Repair Issues in Linthicum

We biked to Baltimore this weekend -- which I'll tell you about in a while. Suffice to say that we rode past two prisons, a paintball course, a sewage treatment plant and some very profoundly spattered roadkill.

I'm using a shop computer in Linthicum, Maryland -- broke two spokes and got a flat in Baltimore. My tires are screwed at the moment, and we've got a long way to ride yet. This little shop in the middle of nowhere is the only one that's open.

Anyway. That's all I got to report -- mechanical failure and darkness coming.

Adventure is discomfort in unusual circumstances and after a solid year in a carpeted grey cubicle, it's about freaking time.

Stories to follow ...


At 10:22 PM, Anonymous josh said...

Jeff I'm very interested about this bike adventure of yours... Lora will be as well


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