Wednesday, November 17, 2004

In Uncertain Times, This Is Fact

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The Carlsonics rock like a stoner van chewing up its own transmission. I've used this space before to rave about their sloppy psychedelic rumble, Aaron Carlson's sublimely hilarious onstage assholery, and the overall sense of giddy glee the band projects from a stage.

If you took a bunch of kids at recess and downloaded all the very best thundering psychedelic sixties rock into their brains, Matrix-style, so that their soft little poorly formed heads bulged with Who classics, then taught them how to tap a keg in the music room and filmed the whole thing, you might get kind of close to the kind of feel-good onstage mayhem that the Carlsonics are gonna bring to Art-O-matic Thursday, November 18th, at ten p.m.

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