Thursday, January 06, 2005

Back At Work

After a day or so of rest, fluids, and antibiotics, I am slowly reentering life among the living. Thanks for your emails--I drank a glass of water every time someone suggested I get lots of fluids.

Here's some news for you...

I am a casual comic book nerd, in case you had not already noticed. And while I am excited to see the Fantastic Four film next summer, the movie adaptation of Alan Moore's V for Vendetta has me really curious and thrilled. Here's a teaser image...

V is an anarchist post-modern Guy Fawkes, set in post-WWIII England...England has become a neo-fascist state. The book is chilling no matter where or when you read it, but given the direction America is heading, V is eerily less fictional every day.

This article describes the rapidly growing tensions and problems inside the prison where Clarence, juvenile prison history teacher works.

This section is particularly chilling:

"The kids are beginning to fight us now. Officers are being injured," he said.

Just last month, King said, a male officer assaulted by juveniles had his nose broken and a female officer had her nose and jaw broken when she was assaulted.

However, department spokesman Bruce Twyman said the male officer's nose was not broken in the Dec. 18 assault that involved three juveniles. The female officer had her nose and jaw fractured when she was assaulted by a youth in a mental-health ward. Twyman said charges of felony assault and indecent exposure will be filed against the youths. In the case of the male officer, it is not yet clear whether his injuries will lead to criminal charges.

I'm hoping to get Clarence's take on this. More soon.


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