Monday, September 19, 2005

Keeps the Party Going

Me and my friend Danielle were rolling down 18th street in Adams-Morgan on Sunday, feeling a bit average and definitely undercaffeinated. We may or may not have had a big night the night before, but the sun was definitely too bright and we agreed that everybody just needed to shut up already.

Then I saw this chipper little dude in the bushes, and my whole mood turned around:


I mean, if he can look that rough and still keep the party going with a smile, there's hope for all of us...


At 11:15 PM, Anonymous kendra said...

you are why i want my child to have freedom to express look at people like you and realize there is more to life than self reflection and a persons desire to scream in everyones face!! just be yourself.. you dont have to scream!!!!


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