Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The End and the Beginning

I didn't drink a drop last night, but I feel hung over all the same. All the optimism I felt after work yesterday has given way to a gnawing sense of dread about the next four years. I'm ashamed and embarassed at America right now. I mean, Bush stealing the last election was bad enough, but the fact that America turned out in record number to fucking PICK him again is too much to bear.

Like I said before, there's gonna be more lies, more murder and more mayhem. There will definitely be more terrorist attacks on American soil, more allies lost and more blood spilled to prove a stupid point. Selfishly speaking, those terrorist attacks are definitely going to be aimed at the White House, 2 blocks from my new office. So I definitely expect to be greatly inconvenienced or killed in the coming months--thanks, Bush fans. Good lookin' out.

The next four years will be the greatest explosion of music, art, anger and expression since the sixties. Punk rock will be a footnote compared to what the next four years are going to bring. That's all very exciting but it's a thin silver lining around a black cloud of misdirected lies and the decline of the American experiment.


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