Friday, January 26, 2007

Frisky Dingo: Cheese in Crust, This Is Funny

It's after three on a Friday for all you people on the East Coast with jobs, which means you're pretty much just on cruise control. So long as nobody's looking, check out Frisky Dingo.

Frisky Dingo

Maybe you love it or hate it already, but I just discovered it this week, and man, does this show ever crack me up. It's from the creators of Sealab 2021 and airs on Adult Swim most nights, I think.

I'm one of those annoying guys who doesn't have Tivo or cable, and until recently used to go around saying "I don't watch TV," which is total bullshit. Most of you people that say you don't watch TV are bullshitters, too -- what do you think Youtube and Sopranos from Netflix are? Just get out of the closet and move on, I say.

I digress. This show is HILARIOUS -- from's profile:

Killface is the most evil villain of all time, and he's determined to destroy the Earth by propelling it into the sun. But when you're running a business, even if your goal is to destroy the planet, there are a lot of boring details -- media buys, budgets and marketing. Doing everything he can to stop him (or at least keeping up appearances) is Awesome X, the alter ego of billionaire Xander Crews. But Xander has some ambivalence about stopping Killface; doing so will cut into his toy sales.

Here's the first half of the first episode on YouTube:

You can see all 13 episodes in the first season here.


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