Monday, September 24, 2007

New Situation, New Blog

Some of you may have noticed that this blog's been a little lean on posts recently.

My friend Jon once said about moving to New York,
It's like this. It doesn't matter how much money you have, how solid your relationship is, what kind of apartment or job you have lined up. Within the first three months of moving here, the city will kick you in the guts, HARD. It will find some way to absolutely break you. Then you'll recover, and the rest will be just fine."

He wasn't playing. Shortly after I got here my freelance work dried up, my girlfriend called it quits, and I had to temporarily share bedroom with another grown man while we packed 4 adults into a 2 bedroom apartment. I had hit the trifecta: no job, no lady, and barely had a home. If anything else happened, I'd have had to learn the guitar and hop on an empty freight train heading south, cancelling my dreams of a writing career to become a rough-and tumble folk-blues singer.

I didn't want to post much because it would have been so easy to whine about everything. And to readers, a little angst goes a looooong way.

Now things are different. I'm working now, contracting in the Web Production department of a large educational company. The work is really boring, but the people are incredibly nice and so laid-back. The first question n my 5-minute interview was
Where is your threshold for very boring work?

My answer:
A lot higher than my threshold for unemployment.

We had an office cake party the other day -- someone's birthday -- and it wasn't weird at all! People were really enjoying themselves!

I've come to terms with the breakup, too. The relationship was great, lots of good times and it went a long way to healing some old wounds, but just wasn't something sustainable. It was obvious to both of us that we were in different places, and now that I have a little perspective, I know it was the right thing to do ... and the breakup is just about as amicable as they come.

Two of the adults in my 2-bedroom place got their own crib, so I am back in a room of my own, and I'm incredibly grateful to my patient, understanding roommate for being willing to double up for a month or so.

And there is this: I have a new blog. It's on Wordpress, on its own domain, and I've been designing and testing and working the kinks out. It's the same name, same spirit, just a little more professional, hopefully. I learned, from this big, long break from blogging, that I don't like being away from it. I missed it every day, felt fat and lazy from the sheer sloth of not posting, but also more and more shy about writing this publicly with each passing day.

So I hit a low point there for a while, and I'm on the way back up. I'm making a go of it blogging in New York, trying to see if I can grow traffic, get ads, elbow my way into the crowds up here. So, lease redirect your bookmarks and reorient your RSS to : And I Am Not Lying. I won't be posting here any more, but now you know where to find me.

Let me know if you see any kinks or suggest any tweaks ... and to those of you that are still with me, thanks for sticking around.

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